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Self-sealing knife gate valve is to use two rubber seats on the clip pressed the knife a sealing effect. When the knife is fully open, the two seat seals combined together tightly, the pipeline pressure will make sealing better, while the valve is closed, the gate can be arbitrarily removed convenient maintenance, Sleeve on both sides of seat,Full protection of the valve body,Extend valve life.



# Bi-directional seal       
# Self sealing design Suitable for a variety of different conditions

# 2PC Strong yoke design 
# Cleaning hloe design ,easy for cleaning body Residual medium

# Mixed with a variety of materials packing

Ref. 831A/105 Bi-directional Self Sealing Knife Gate Valve

SKU: Ref. 830A/105
  • Operation: Handwheel, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Sprocket, Electro-hydraulic, Gear
    Main Material: GGG40,WCB
    Wedge Material: SS316L, SS304
    Sealing Material: NR,EPDM
    Packing: Rubber
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